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You have reached the home page of Jeffrey Schwab, a software engineer living in New York City. I am a fan of the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. I enjoy gourmet coffee and rye whiskey. But really, my life revolves mostly around software development.

I prefer Vim to Emacs, and Emacs to most IDEs. I prefer Unix to Windows. I believe the software industry as a whole should shift its focus toward reliability and usability, though I appreciate the importance of being first to market. I believe that, as an industry, we often focus on what's urgent, rather than what's important.

I have a passing familiarity with various programming languages, but I have a long-standing intimate relationship with C++. Recenly, I've been coming up to speed on C++11, HTML 5, CSS 3, and ClojureScript.

If you are a potential employer, or want to talk about software, please email me at jeff@schwabcenter.com, or take a look at my resume.